Who We Are

Dodge Communications is an integrated PR and marketing agency that is aware of the growing need for marketing automation in the B2B world, and is equipped with resources to help. We leverage the power of marketing automation to deliver highly effective, integrated campaigns that align sales and marketing, increase revenue and maximize efficiency for businesses with multi-touch sales cycles.

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Extend the reach of your brand with tools that connect to prospects, accelerate pipeline and increase ROI.

Marketing automation makes it fast and easy to create, execute and track campaigns so the right leads go to the right sales reps. It does this with software that segments prospects and provides them with highly personalized content to nurture them through the buying cycle. Automation also improves lead quality—with a 53 percent higher conversion rate from marketing response to marketing qualified leads, streamlines time-consuming business processes and increases revenue.

Marketing automation is part of an integrated approach to communication that also includes content marketing tactics and digital initiatives to increase brand awareness, thought leadership and demand generation.


Our marketing automation expertise enables you to meet and exceed your business objectives, boosting sales and adding to top-line revenue growth.

Whether you already use a marketing automation platform and are looking for ways to optimize your current efforts or are exploring what a system can do for you, we can help.

Our award-winning creative and digital departments offer design talent and IT expertise to develop attention-grabbing emails and landing pages, as well as program and launch campaigns. And with extensive experience in the healthcare market, our content development team delivers solid results with carefully honed messages targeted for specific audiences that support your efforts.

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Every business is unique. Whether you like to have your hands on the wheel or prefer to leave the driving to us, we’ll help you optimize your marketing automation system in a way that best fits your needs and seamlessly integrates with your website and CRM system.

Dodge takes the time to understand your system and situation—strategy, challenges, collateral, data, system workflows and rules—and work with you to optimize them to the fullest extent. Our goal is to help you realize results that you can take to the C-suite.

  • Marketing automation assessment and optimization
  • Integration between your system and existing CRM fields, segments, workflows and users
  • Assessment of current collateral to be used in campaigns and across campaigns to generate leads
  • Providing a data cleanup roadmap for outdated, duplicate or cold leads within CRM

A highly effective campaign takes an integrated approach. At Dodge, our team of marketing, public relations and digital media experts work together under one roof. From strategy to deployment, our integrated services and collaborative approach ensure the most powerful, cohesive and customized short- or long-term drip campaigns imaginable—that are also easy to track and measure.

  • Planning and strategy for successful campaigns
  • Developing responsive and engaging HTML landing pages, HTML email templates and forms
  • Content development for tailored emails with easily identified calls-to-action
  • Tying in SEO, PPC and social media marketing (SMM)
  • Advanced automation strategies and techniques to streamline follow ups and inform key stakeholders

The better you understand your customer, the more strategic you can be in your communications. And the more targeted your approach, the better your chances for closing deals.

Dodge optimizes your system and your website to work as a lead generating tool. We’ll help you identify and track target audiences based on their website activity, determine where they are in the buying cycle, and empower them to learn more based on their previous interests.

  • Tailored, targeted drip campaigns
  • Content development to support the emails and landing pages for each campaign
  • Lead scoring and grading, customized for each campaign
  • Automatic segmentation based on prospect engagement

We work with you, wherever you are, whatever your skill level. Dodge helps clients get the most from their marketing platform with hands-on, personalized tutorials tailored to your needs. Whether novice or expert, team of one or a party bus of marketers, get the support you need through our advanced expertise, industry best practices and analytics.

  • Developing reports for executives and campaign stakeholders
  • Data-driven, strategic recommendations based on existing data and reporting
  • Optimizing CRM functionality with your marketing automation system to ensure efficient use of both systems

Our Work

Dodge Communications has assisted numerous companies in leveraging marketing automation to further reinforce brand awareness, generate leads and lay a foundation for future email campaigns. Some of the services we’ve provided clients include:

  • Optimizing your system
  • Training and system support for admins and teams
  • Planning, developing and executing campaigns
  • Developing content and collateral for campaigns
  • Optimizing websites and performing needed maintenance
  • Creating responsive email templates and landing pages


We appreciate you taking a look at us. Now let us return the favor. Complete the short form below to receive a no-risk marketing assessment regarding how to get started with marketing automation or how to optimize your current system – at no cost. It’s our way of saying thanks.