Digital & Analytics

Digital technologies have changed how companies communicate and engage with customers. Prospects are turning to digital channels — whether via website, blog, social media or any number of other devices — to research, share information and form opinions about your brand. Your digital presence is the key to developing leads, closing sales and serving customers. Dodge offers a suite of digital services to ensure your site is mobile responsive, fast and easy to use.

Our interactive expertise and integrated approach drive engagement across channels, propelling brands forward and delivering lead-generating performance. We develop digital strategies; design compelling, responsive websites for an array of browsers and devices; build landing pages, microsites and other campaign-related programs; and optimize sites with SEO, SEM and analytics to drive visibility and conversions.

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Digital Strategy

healthcare online campaigns

An effective website is much more than pretty graphics. A strong digital strategy ensures your website delights users even as it nurtures and delivers leads.

Dodge approaches each web project focused on the end goal of conversion optimization. By conducting usability testing, we ensure that visitors will find their way to the content they seek, without frustration.

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Mobile optimization

mobile optimization

Mobile devices have become so deeply integrated into business operations that more than half of executives are comfortable using smartphones while making purchasing decisions. If your site isn’t optimized to display properly on a mobile device, your solution may not be considered.

At Dodge, we understand that your website should look just as good on the go as it does on a desktop

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Ongoing maintenance

ongoing website maintenance

Have you ever killed a house plant? Most of us have, often through neglect. Houseplants are easy to replace, but lost opportunities are a different story. In order to maintain and optimize that lovely new website, it needs nurturing and care.

Dodge provides ongoing support, including monthly reports, analytics, recommendations, strategic direction and security maintenance.

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Site Design

healthcare website design

A website facilitates thousands of interactions with a company every day. Dodge's site designs make these interactions as meaningful as possible.

We help by establishing an appearance that is commensurate with the brand, a design that utilizes the most contemporary styles and an approach that shows fresh thinking to the market.


76% of marketers say it's important to utilize an outside partner for SEO to improve page rankings

Visual Communications

healthcare multimedia tools

The value of multimedia lies in its ability to bring messages to life and to graphically demonstrate a client’s products and services in the most succinct and compelling way.

Whether an animated video, an infographic or a microsite, we begin by developing a powerful script and then add imagery to bolster the message.

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Programming & development

healthcare programming and development

Dodge designers and developers stay abreast of the latest trends and embrace the most contemporary technologies.

We build sites that are faster to load, easier to maintain and friendlier to the latest platforms. Our cutting-edge development strategies also take advantage of ever-changing search algorithms to ensure optimal search engine page rankings.

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Copywriting & Content Development

healthcare content development

Dodge's experience working with dozens of healthcare companies gives our copywriters a rich understanding of the industry.

We understand the market drivers, the relationships between stakeholders and the challenge of selling solutions that are ahead of the market. Dodge combines this expertise with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make messages resonate online.