Your prospects are social, interacting with their peers in real time everywhere on the web. Share the experience with them. Social media powerfully extends the reach of your brand, builds relationships, generates demand and positions companies as thought leaders.

Social media know-how

B2C companies use social media to engage with customers and create thought leadership, but translating those strategies into a B2B environment to achieve meaningful engagement and product demand is much more complex. Our integrated approach enables companies to execute a disciplined, effective social media program. From strengthening media relationships to listening to customers, Dodge is there at every step, including measuring effectiveness and value.

Implementation Strategy

Aim before you shoot. We’ll help you develop a rock solid strategic plan, based on best practices for each channel, and recommend the right tactics and tools to hit your mark.

Internal Rollout

Change starts within. We’ll help your marketing team manage rollout through a variety of services, from consultation to hands-on training, that engage employees and create brand evangelists.


Get noticed with great design. Our creative team takes full advantage of each channel’s options to ensure that all design elements fully complement and support the brand, giving you the presence that socially savvy prospects have come to expect.

Content Development

Start a conversation, share expertise and build your credibility fast and effectively. We’ll help you spread the word with content that’s stylish, substantial and personalized.

Content Distribution

Be heard at the right place and in the right amount. Our experts leverage the power of marketing automation tools, such as Pardot, combined with social media to manage and measure social engagement for lead nurturing.

Influencer Engagement

Tap into the power of influencers. Our integrated capabilities engage your target audience across four featured platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn, video sharing and blogging - and integrate them into your social media strategy.

Marketing/PR Campaigns

Our integrated approach fuses social media with traditional PR and marketing tactics to extend your brand's reach, enhance credibility and generate product demand. We integrate SEO services with SEM, PPC and other digital marketing activities to improve search engine page rankings, drive web traffic and build awareness.

Social Listening

Stay involved in topics that matter to your followers. Our reporting tools enable you to set benchmarks for success across each channel, and continuously monitor, measure and use the data to refine campaigns.

The Big 4 Platforms 

Social media is a powerful tool to connect companies with prospective buyers and to foster a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. And just as brands are unique, so are the different platforms. Each requires a different strategy. To get the most out of your messaging, it’s important to understand the personality and purpose of each platform.


Twitter is personal and direct, creating conversations with your target audience and connecting content to your brand. Using Twitter to listen, watch for trends and understand what content the audience engages with helps healthcare technology companies strengthen brand persona and identity. Sharing content and becoming a resource to the industry positions you as a thought leader.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool that provides a forum for healthcare companies to establish expertise and thought leadership. Leveraging a LinkedIn company page allows consistent posting of compelling content to raise brand awareness and educate potential customers. Active participation in relevant groups raises visibility directly with other leaders in the healthcare space.


Blogging is a critical social media platform that engages prospects, generates leads, increases web traffic and builds trust through high quality content. The interactive nature of blogs allows sharing of opinions, ideas and comments on other social media platforms, expanding overall marketing reach. Industry publications also use blogs to post news, commentary and editorial content.

Video Sharing

Video offers a robust means for delivering your brand message in a meaningful way. We leverage Wistia and YouTube, powerful video sharing platforms that each offer distinct advantages. Wistia offers great customizations, calls to action and powerful analytics while YouTube, the highest-trafficked platform, offers tremendous visibility and covered watch time.

Why Us?
A Case Study: Navicure

Navicure, a leading provider of healthcare billing and payment solutions recognized an opportunity with the ICD-10 transition to educate, inform and engage with new prospects, and position the company as a thought leader. With Dodge’s help, Navicure launched integrated marketing communications, PR and social media campaigns.

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Working closely with Dodge, they launched an ICD-10 Hub microsite that featured a blog, associated Twitter accounts as well as an ICD-10 Hub LinkedIn discussion group. The results clearly show the power of integrated social media.

Navicure’s two ICD-10 Hub Twitter accounts, reaching thousands of people each month were named top ICD-10 Twitter accounts to follow by Healthcare Finance News. Their ICD-10 Hub LinkedIn group has more than 450 members and an active discussion forum, expanding its network of healthcare executives with whom they share information. The consistently updated microsite blog drove significant traffic. By 2014, 12,000 people had downloaded content, and the site received more than 48,000 unique visits.

Our Work 

Our way of saying thanks

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your social media and digital marketing efforts, you might be interested in how we combine compelling, responsive design with proven social media strategies to increase engagement and marketing ROI for healthcare technology companies. Download our social media white paper and find out why Dodge Communications is the leading integrated agency for healthcare’s innovative companies.

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