Lead nurturing: A key component in your sales strategy

Mathew Sweezey, marketing automation evangelist, Pardot, a salesforce.com company, shares insight into how your organization can nurture sales leads and convert them into customers by adding lead nurturing as a critical component of your marketing program.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • How marketing automation improves lead quality and increases marketing productivity and efficiency
  • How lead nurturing programs are used to increase market visibility and reach through multi-channel campaigns
  • The three most common types of lead nurturing programs, their goals and the best practices for timing email communication in each
  • What forecasting tools, conversion strategies and analytics are used to align sales and marketing initiatives
  • Why it’s important to automate lead nurturing programs that build relationships with qualified prospects in a relevant and personalized way
  • The types of marketing campaigns that can be run from lead nurturing systems to upsell and cross-sell efforts to save time and resources
  • Results from healthcare IT organizations that have implemented lead nurturing programs to successfully generate more qualified sales leads