Who we are

We’re healthcare communications strategists. Dodge takes a mindful yet agile approach to public relations that has been shaped by our success with more than 250 healthcare companies nationwide.

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Our approach

Corporate goals and objectives shape our strategic recommendations. We drive communications with discipline and a deliberate approach that results in the most appropriate coverage and engagement for a brand’s audience and objectives. For Dodge, quality of coverage always trumps quantity.

Proven results


The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) sought to elevate its thought leadership and underscore its policy development expertise and clout. Dodge launched an integrated campaign that relied heavily on national media placement and speaking engagements, solidifying AGMA’s position as an influencer in accountable care.


Kailos, a rising star in personalized medicine, wanted to introduce its brand to the consumer market. Facing negative perceptions about genetic testing as well as an evolving regulatory environment, Kailos turned to Dodge to create a compelling national campaign to educate the market and peak consumer interest.

Accountable Care Solutions

Aetna, one of the largest health insurers in the country, developed Accountable Care Solutions to overcome providers’ hesitations about partnering with an insurer to tackle value-based care. Dodge helped ACS execute a multifaceted PR campaign to change market perceptions, demonstrate the company’s thought leadership and reinforce its commitment to collaboration.

How we work

We understand how to craft and execute an approach that aligns with each brand’s vision—whether that be steady growth, entry into a new sector, near-term funding to bring innovations to market, exit or public offering.


Lay the foundation for a deliberate and results-oriented PR program. Don’t fall victim to “spray and pray” PR efforts that drain budgets and don’t move the needle. We help you understand where your brand needs to be and how to get there—always with our eyes on your long-term goals.


Define your voice and your unique position in the market. We’ll help you craft a compelling and consistent story and understand and build your target audiences and personas. A clear definition of your brand, what it offers and why it’s different will inform your entire marketing effort.

Crisis communications

Be prepared. No one wants a crisis, but you can effectively navigate one by having a plan in place. We make sure our clients are ready to deftly handle any situation and manage the company’s reputation during a difficult time.

Media relations

Quality trumps quantity. We believe in getting our clients’ messages in just the right top-tier publications to capture the attention and admiration of healthcare’s decision-makers. Tradeshows also offer a rich opportunity to obtain media coverage, which is why we bake PR into exhibit planning and implementation.

Analyst relations

Tap into active influencers who can validate your company’s products and services. When they cover new and emerging trends and product developments, we make sure these experts think of you.


The podium delivers a level of credibility that’s hard to match. We connect you with dynamic speaking opportunities that let you highlight your successes and share your forward-thinking vision.


Diverse content is king. We provide a wealth of opportunities—from long, in-depth pieces to short, hard-hitting copy—communicating your main message points to key audiences in varied and compelling ways.

Social media

Start conversations, share thoughts and convey your expertise. We place your messages in front of pivotal influencers and help you get traction around key ideas.

Media training

Put your best foot forward to cement your credibility. We prepare you to speak confidently and consistently to the media about your top messages, ensuring you make the most of your media interactions.


Third-party endorsements advance your reputation by validating product merits and highlighting company accomplishments. By helping you take advantage of award opportunities, we bring attention to your company and make sure you receive the accolades you deserve.

Measuring success

A truly responsive PR program is rooted in data. We continuously measure your program’s performance, allowing us to further refine strategy and ensure you rise above the competition.

Tradeshow PR

Don’t miss an opportunity. Tradeshows are a gathering place for customers, influencers and the media. We help you maximize your presence at industry events, connecting your message and spokespeople with the right people and the right time.

Our Way of Saying Thanks

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