Awarepoint: Website shows industry expertise and brand recogonition

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Awarepoint delivers the healthcare industry’s only cloud-based, Real-time Location System (RTLS) on a single platform of integrated software, technology and managed services.


Awarepoint sought a refresh for its website, one that would visually simplify its message, which can seem complicated at first glance because of the company’s diverse offerings of asset tracking solutions. Its former site lacked cohesive design and strategic navigation, so Awarepoint partnered with Dodge to build a website in Drupal with a clean look incorporating the latest design techniques and optimal navigation. Awarepoint’s goal for creating a new website was to increase brand awareness and provide a platform for optimal engagement. An easy-to-use website with compelling content will aid in achieving this goal and create an ideal user experience for Awarepoint customers, employees and prospects.


Working under a quick turnaround time frame of 90 days and a limited budget, Awarepoint sought a website with a crisp look and strategic navigation. Dodge chose the Drupal platform as the website’s content management system (CMS).

Drupal is an open source CMS that gives its users a large degree of flexibility to modify, share and distribute content, while delivering an interactive experience that engages users and drives traffic. The easy-to-use platform allows each user to control exactly what content and images get displayed. In addition, Drupal is a secure and robust system that is coded to protect a website from common hacking techniques and can handle heavy traffic.

Discovery. Dodge initiated a kickoff call with Awarepoint and provided them with a questionnaire to gain insight into the types of websites that would best fit the needs of the company. Dodge also put together an analysis of Awarepoint’s competitors to aid in developing a strategy that will differentiate the company from its competitors.

Awarepoint provided Dodge with the initial version of the sitemap and Dodge took that document and made recommendations based on research and industry best practices.

Design. Dodge provided Awarepoint with a design that took advantage of the latest industry techniques and contained appealing imagery that aligned with the company’s offerings, which delivered on the initial goal of the company to have a website with a clean design that reflected the advanced technology of the company’s products and services.

The Dodge team counseled Awarepoint on website design best practices, which resulted in an interactive homepage that encouraged user engagement. Dodge also developed custom icons for the solutions dropdown menu to visually represent each type of solution. In addition, Dodge implemented one of the company’s brand colors, red, in a subtle manner by using it as an action item when moving the mouse over certain areas of the website. Using a bold color like red as a call-to-action is a design best practice as it draws the eye to important areas of the site, encouraging users to act.

Development. Understanding that Awarepoint hoped to have the website live within only a few months, Dodge recommended page templates for Awarepoint. In addition, content layouts for specific pages were recommended so that pages with different content could be displayed in an optimal manner. Dodge also advised customizing aspects of the homepage to still create a custom look and feel to the site. With the choice of two homepage and eight interior layout options that Dodge recommended for the company’s needs, Awarepoint was able to still ensure that the page design and content worked together for the end user. Once the templates and content layouts were approved by the company, Dodge built out the system with selected templates and content layouts, implemented the approved design comps and themed the development to match the company’s brand image.

Dodge then conducted quality assurance, performed a technical SEO site audit and tested the site’s functionality on all major modern browsers on Windows® and Apple desktop systems, both desktop and laptop, to ensure the site was ready for go live. Once these detailed reviews were completed and all changes were incorporated, the site was implemented and launched.

Support. To ensure the client could fully operate the content management system going forward, Dodge facilitated a training session with the Awarepoint team. The Drupal platform is intuitive, simple to learn and requires no coding knowledge, making it easy for users to make continual updates to their site with minimal help from a web expert. Dodge provides the tools to ensure continued success, including training documentation, monthly reports, analytics, recommendations and strategic direction. In addition, Dodge conducts quarterly website maintenance with Awarepoint to ensure jobs are running correctly, perform security updates, check logs for site errors and perform database backups.


Dodge accomplished Awarepoint’s goals of refreshing its website in a short period of time with a limited budget. The site encompasses Awarepoint’s offerings in a compelling and visually appealing manner that complements the advanced nature of the company’s products and services. The initial impressions of the website have been overwhelmingly positive from the client as well as site visitors, noting the clean look of the website and its user friendly navigation. The new website acts as a platform that will engage prospects and new employees with the goal of increasing brand awareness and engagement. In addition, Awarepoint has tapped Dodge for an ongoing SEO campaign to continue to report monthly on the site’s progress and ensure they are utilizing SEO best practices to drive organic search traffic to the newly developed website.