You don't have to be blue about healthcare technology logo and brand development

By Jenny Orr on April 17th, 2009

Color is a funny thing. So is colour. Especially when it comes to branding healthcare organizations. OK, so admittedly blue says healthcare and probably always will. But I believe some new trends are on the horizon. So what is the new blue? NOT BLACK. There are lots of other colors out there, but I would recommend staying away from a heavy usage of black and healthcare. Oh yeah, black’s not a color.ANYWAY, what I find most difficult about branding for healthcare clients (usually quite conservative and there’s nothing wrong with that) is that often clients seem to want their brand to reflect their living room. That, or some shade of blue. Sometimes, this can work out quite well, but just because you wouldn’t wear any jeans that weren’t blue or paint your house bright red, yellow, or orange doesn’t mean your brand can’t be one of those colors. Combining bright colors with black and/or some other neutral color works well too. OK, or even a hint of blue. What do colors say about a company? Orange is warm, friendly, inviting. I think those are great traits for a medical clinic. Yellow is happy, cheerful, energetic, young – what’s healthier than that?A few anti-blue logos in the healthcare space are:3M CanadaImageNow Perceptive SoftwareCapario AeroScout IngenixAnd this one, although still blue, gets wild and crazy with that little touch of orange! McKesson There’s a great Web site, Colourlovers, that I like to play around with at the start of a new branding project. There is also a good guide to choosing colors for your brand, Usabilitypost. So brighten up everyone.