Word of the Week: Alltop

January 22nd, 2010

Alltop - Alltop is an Internet news aggregator that helps users keep up-to-date on any news topic in which they may be interested. The main page consists of several RSS feeds which cover a variety of the most popular sources of news and information on the Internet. This ranges from traditional outlets like the New York Times, Fast Company and CNN.com to sites like Mashable and TechCrunch. Users can also use the search bar to find current news on any topic imaginable. Based on the search term, there are several sub-domains that pull together news sources based on the specific search. In fact, the Healthcare IT page on Alltop is listed as one of the top sources for healthcare IT news on the Web. Another great feature of the site is MyAlltop, which allows users (who have created a free account), to create their own personalized collection of RSS feeds to keep up with the topics that are of interest to them. Each user is also given a custom domain so that their custom page can be shared with others.

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