Word of the Week: Mashup

By Word of the Week on August 27th, 2010

Mashup: A mashup on the Web is a site or application that combines features from multiple sources to create awotw_small new service. This often involves using open APIs from different services to create an integrated solution for whatever the user is trying to accomplish on the Web. Examples of mashups range widely from metasearch engines and geolocation software to feeds and aggregators. Mashups like Ping.fm and Digsby also enhance social communication by combining several popular services into one easy-to-use application.Past Words of the WeekBlog Talk Radio, TweetedRanks, Ping.fm, DigsbyQikPosterous, Ning, APILifecastingCrowdsourcingMeme, Social bookmarking, TrackbackTwitter Grader, Authority, TweetBeep, CompeteAstroturfingWEGO HealthBackTweetsPDR.netsocialmentionTwazzup, Health Exchange, Health Tweeder, DIDGET, Thoora, Google Buzz, bit.ly, E-patient, Alltop, mHealth, Augmented reality, OpenID, ROI, #hcsm, Medpedia, Almost.at, Hashtag, FollowFriday, Beta, Microblogging, Sidewiki, Meta tags