Word of the Week: lead nurturing

By Word of the Week on June 26th, 2015

Lead nurturing is the process of fostering relationships with prospects with the goal of earning their business in the future. Customers are not developed overnight, so marketers must build trust with potential buyers. In order to attract these buyers, constant nurturing happens when a lead first interacts up until the final purchase decision. Once converted, marketers should continually remind customers of their value through benefit-driven incentives to upgrade or expand solutions.

One strategy for successful lead nurturing is the use a marketing automation platform. With this specific platform, unique software segmentation allows a company to create, execute and track a campaign with highly personalized content specific to prospects. By using marketing automation, lead quality is improved by 53 percent - accelerating the business process and increasing ROI. An integrated marketing automation campaign leads to better CRM integration, social marketing promotion, micro-level web analytics and personalized content that all add up to measurable results. Overall, this platform allows your lead to stay engaged, explains a solution to a particular pain point and shows why you are the best at what you do.

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