Word of the week: C.O.P.E.

By Word of the Week on January 16th, 2015

C.O.P.E., an acronym for Create Once, Publish Everywhere, is a marketing technique where marketers create one piece of content and convert it into many different types of content across several channels. COPE is particularly effective for organizations with small staffs and limited resources – the goal of this technique is to present information in a way that can be consumed on almost any platform.

For example, a company might create an hour long webinar. That webinar can then be transcribed for people who prefer to read, and later turned into a series of blog posts. That company might also take the information from that webinar and turn it into four “fireside chat” style videos from a company thought leader. Using the COPE technique this organization’s research and information was turned into many pieces of content that reach a much broader audience in the formats it prefers.

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