Word of the Week: BYOD

By Word of the Week on June 12th, 2015

BYOD, “bring your own device,” is a response to our tech-obsessed society’s acknowledgement of just how much we depend on personal devices for assistance in the workplace. The term “device” refers to mostly smartphones and tablets, but goes even deeper in addressing specific operating systems, apps and data stored on the device. In the healthcare industry, personal devices are increasingly used in ways which require storing patient and hospital data, posing the potential for many threats in the cases of lost or stolen patient data. Employers will additionally face the challenge of managing costs incurred by employees using their personal device for work purposes. The benefits of BYOD include cost savings by eliminating device distribution and maintenance, increasing a physician’s ability to communicate with and treat their patients and improving the efficiency of the billing process. A BYOD policy will soon be commonplace within every work environment and will likely define “personal use,” approved devices and operating systems, approved apps for engaging customers and IT’s access to personal devices for security installation.

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