Buzzstream is a link management and monitoring system that companies use to improve their SEO. As we’ve mentioned before, one of the most important SEO strategies is to gain inbound links from other sites to achieve high page rankings, which is why it’s absolutely crucial to have a tool for link management and monitoring. Oftentimes, getting inbound links can be a difficult task and Buzzstream allows you to do this with greater ease and organization. First, you can identify potential link partners and rank them based on their relevance to your company. The tool allows you to send and receive emails within the system so you can track your conversations with potential link partners. It records your entire message history, so you can remain aware of the status of your link building projects. In addition, email templates can be created to optimize communication with potential link partners. Buzzstream allows for optimal organization of contacts, as it scans your prospect list to find contact details including their social media accounts, saving the time it would take to manually find this information. Overall, Buzzstream can improve a company’s link management strategy to enhance SEO and ultimately increase website traffic.