Word of the Week: Blekko

By Word of the Week on January 7th, 2011

Blekko: Blekko is a unique search engine that allows the user to customize his/her search based on filters called “slashtags,” which are entered using the forward slash on the keyboard (/). This can be as simple as adding /date to your search to sort your results by date, or you can narrow your search down by a site’s subject matter, political leanings, etc. Blekko has several slashtags that are already created, and with a free user account, you can create your own slashtags and define the parameters within which your search is conducted. In addition, each search result has an SEO link that will provide detailed SEO information about that website. This is a unique tool that is particularly useful in targeted searches when it is beneficial to filter out all the standard results that a traditional search engine would provide.