Word of the week: Blacklist

By Word of the Week on January 2nd, 2015

A blacklist is a database with a list of email addresses, IP addresses or domains of known sources of spam. When emails are sent, receiving servers can query blacklist databases to check the reputation of the sender and decide whether the email should be blocked or accepted. An overwhelming majority of emails sent each day, as high as 90 percent, is considered spam; blacklists are essential tools to ensure our inboxes are not constantly full of junk mail. Marketers can find their domains blacklisted when certain language is used, when an excessive number of emails are sent in a very short period of time, when they aren't compliant with CAN-SPAM laws or when they send emails to spamtraps. To ensure the highest chances of deliverability, be sure to send marketing emails only to addresses of individuals who have opted in to your communications and always follow sending regulation.

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