Why should you consider a career at Dodge Communications?

Why should you consider a career at Dodge Communications?

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on September 27th, 2012

While the healthcare industry continues to grow rapidly, we continue to grow with it. And with several job openings available, I wanted to take this rare opportunity to share a few reasons why you should consider (or forward to a smart, talented friend to consider) a career here at Dodge.

I began my career here a few years ago and can personally attest to how much value this company places on its employees. Dodge encourages professional development, a fun and casual atmosphere, hard work, new ideas and a commitment to team success.

Here are a few ways Dodge stands apart from other agencies:

  • Habitat for HumanityProfessional development – Our company is recognized for original PR and marketing campaigns regularly. We stay on top of industry trends and look for new ways to break the mold—creating an environment that helps us to grow professionally, while staying fun and competitive.
  • Programs & atmosphere – Dodge offers numerous incentives and employee programs that most other companies don’t. We have summer hours, social events, 401K, profit sharing and more. Our executives also place a sincere focus on helping us to obtain a healthy work/life balance with generous PTO and minimal late nights. Not to mention our “world famous” every day is casual Friday clause.
  • Longevity – Since I joined Dodge, the company has more than doubled in size—both in employees and the square feet of our new office. We’re also often recognized for our position in the industry: Top 100 Independent PR Firms, Atlanta’s 20 Largest Public Relations Firms, etc.
  • Community involvement – We stay involved in our community, from joining the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) Board of Advisors to participating in local philanthropic opportunities like Habitat for Humanity (we’re not usually that muddy).

What can I say? You should work here. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some quick Q&As with three people in our office – one new, one veteran and our HR manager:

Nicole Foo recently completed her second week at Dodge, joining our team as an account coordinator:

Q. What made you chose Dodge Communications over other opportunities?

A. First, there was the culture. It was conveyed from the very beginning by each person I met during the interview process that Dodge provided an environment filled with people who work hard but also know how to lead balanced lives. Moreover, to work at an organization that stays at the forefront of such a relevant issue [healthcare] in today’s society, as well as within an industry that is still significantly growing, was a huge factor in my choosing Dodge Communications over other opportunities.

Q. You recently concluded your first weeks here at Dodge; what were your first impressions about the culture in the office?

A. I think that because everyone works hard, there is a high level of respect for one’s co-workers, both inside and outside the office. People seem to know each other well, and in my first few weeks here have really taken time to get to know me too. This respect and consideration for others shows me that employees at Dodge want to be a part of the best work environment possible, and employees also want to provide a positive and challenging professional development experience for one another.

Solveig White has been with Dodge for six years and serves as an Art Director on the creative team:

Q. Over the years, what types of opportunities has Dodge provided you in regards to professional development and growth?

A. Dodge has always been supportive of any initiative for additional training, be it online training, off-site training or industry events — it’s great to have that support with the evolving industry that we are in.

Q. Having been here for so long and having watched our company grow over the years, what is your favorite aspect of working Dodge?

A. The variety of the work, the great group of people and the work life balance that is encouraged.

Michelle Johnson serves as our Human Resources Generalist, with 10 years experience managing all aspects of HR:

Q. What would you say are the top 3 things that set Dodge apart from other companies?

A. Work-Life Balance, from telecommuting to flexible schedules; a comprehensive benefit package for full and part-time employees; and a fun culture, including summer work hours, off-site events and team building.

Q. You manage recruitment for Dodge and tend to be the first person to speak to applicants; what would you say are the top traits we’re looking for in an employee?

A. In a nutshell, we’re looking for people who are smart, creative, self-motivated, professional, proactive and positive.

Take a few minutes look at our openings. We look forward to hearing from you.