Webinar series available: Why marketing automation should be a component of your integrated communications efforts

By Ashlea Cartee on December 16th, 2015

Our recent four-part webinar series, “Why marketing automation should be a component of your integrated communications efforts," highlights the benefits of marketing automation and provides insight on the steps to take before purchasing a system. Marketing automation nurtures prospects with highly personalized content that helps convert prospects to customers, contributing to increased ROI. Our webinar series provides you with best practices and tips that are needed for a successful implementation of a marketing automation tool.

Webinar 1: Why email marketing is not marketing automation. Chris Heiden, senior sales engineer at Pardot, joins us to discuss four areas where marketing automation differentiates itself from a typical email service provider (ESP), allowing you to manage all of your digital campaigns, reporting and leads in one place.

Webinar 2: Work smarter, not harder with marketing automation. This webinar features Sarah Barnidge, account executive at Pardot, a Salesforce company, who provides an interactive demo of the Pardot system while discussing the basic features of a marketing automation tool.

Webinar 3: Setting your organization up for marketing automation success. Shana Tachikawa, director of communications at Stoltenberg Consulting, joins the conversation to discuss five key components to have in place before implementing a marketing automation program.

Webinar 4: Four considerations when choosing a marketing automation partner. This webinar features Becky McLaughlin, marketing manager at MRO Corp., who provides insight on choosing the right marketing automation partner and discusses how to maximize your investment.


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