Webinar recording available: mBrace: How quickly are doctors adopting new technologies?

By Brad Dodge on December 14th, 2011

Thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday’s webinar, “mBrace: How quickly are doctors adopting new technologies?” The webinar guest speaker, Pamela Moore of UBM Medica US presented recent data on how physicians are embracing mobile technology, social networks and the web in general, along with information on how well known medical media brands are using social networks to drive traffic and engage audiences.Topics covered during the webinar included: the types of social media physicians embrace and what they tend to shy away from; how various specialties are addressing the shift to mobile and what they see as the impact of mobile technology on their practice going forward; the results vendors can expect to see through advertising and sponsorship opportunities; and what physicians top concerns and interests are as we move into 2012.A recording of the webinar is available after registering here. We welcome your feedback, comments, and questions for Pamela or Dodge Communications.