Twitter gets "groups"

By Dodge Communications on December 3rd, 2009

Last month Twitter unveiled its latest feature – lists. This new feature provides a way to organize the people you are following and a way to find new accounts on Twitter – including people that may be experts in a certain subject or interested in the same hobby as you. The idea for lists on Twitter came from Twitter’s own research about what features were popular of external tweeting clients such as TweetDeck, and lists became one that Twitter could build to help make the micro-blogging agent more user-friendly.Although this is Twitter’s equivalent of a Facebook “Group,” it will certainly impact the way healthcare marketers use Twitter. With this additional option for Tweeters, marketers and communicators can create lists for upcoming trade shows, groups of media experts or lists of successful healthcare-focused Tweeters. Along with the ability to group the people you follow on Twitter together in a list, all lists can be made public so that you can show others who to follow. In addition, Twitter clients such as Sesmic Desktop have already adopted the Twitter lists feature into its own software to help users keep up with the latest options from Twitter and not just to features that an external platform can offer.

Despite all of the early success people are seeing with creating lists – such as lists of PR experts, celebrity Tweeters and others – it is going to take time to find out how people actually use these lists and how to effectively leverage them for marketing purposes.If you are still uncertain about why Twitter lists will be valuable or how to use them effectively, Mashable has a myriad of posts about twitter and the many features it uses, including information about Twitter’s latest feature.How do you think you can leverage Twitter’s new lists for your marketing efforts?