Tradeshow exhibitors: Get real with these 5 tips

By Jenny Orr on November 4th, 2015

Everyone keeps talking about humanizing your healthcare brand. Is there really any better way to do that than at a tradeshow where you can put actual humans, with actual personalities directly in front of your prospects? Yet when walking the floor at HIMSS or any other healthcare technology tradeshow, it seems as though around 90% of the companies are stuck in the 90s with too much non engaging info, too many stock photos and generic graphics, and too much salesy noise.

Here are a few ideas to humanize your brand at your next show.

Tell your brand story through the design of your booth and/or video. Think high level compelling concepts, not paragraphs and bullet points. Aesynt is a global leader in medication management. This booth uses their campaign theme “Leaders are never afraid to go first.” It includes imagery from one of a series of campaign visuals that was used in the tradeshow program, direct and email pre-show campaigns, and even airport signage as attendees landed in the conference city. A rock wall was constructed as part of the booth to tie into the campaign visual.

Clean, professional and minimal is great, but avoid being too sterile. Create a comfortable sitting area with warm natural accents to make people feel comfortable so that they want to stay and watch a video or chat a while. This Experian booth is a good example. Notice the natural wood at the welcome desk and the white leather couches. The wine also helped to create a relaxed environment!

Put your best people forward. Nobody wants to feel like they are at a used car dealership. Make sure your best, most natural and honest conversationalists are in attendance.

Give and you shall receive. If you aren’t launching a new product or making a special offer, you may need to find other relevant incentives to drive booth traffic. Forget the crappy little gadgets that nobody really wants. Offer a t-shirt, cup of coffee, tea, chocolate, whatever, just something people might actually want. If it ties back to your bigger brand story, even better. ActiveHealth Management is a national leader in population health management. They tie their incentives back to their passion for helping people live healthier lives by giving attendees the exciting opportunity to spin the Wellness Wheel to see what they’ve won directly related to 6 relevant health related categories! Nothing big or expensive, just useful, such as: jump ropes, water bottles, insulated tote bags, etc

Smell good. That’s right. Engage the senses. You’ve probably heard of having fresh flowers and coffee brewing when trying to sell a house. Same basic idea. This subconscious little detail will leave a positive impression on your brand.

Just remember, people respond to campaigns that appeal to basic emotions. Tactics are no substitute for human insights.

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