Think further outside the box

Your average C-level executive probably still thinks that investing in a social media campaign constitutes thinking outside of the box. Though social media is extremely prevalent, even pervasive, in our everyday lives, it’s still tough to get the higher-ups to buy in. Concerns over ROI tend to add more questions than answers, and when a social media campaign does begin, it’s often very conservative. Several brands have shown, however, that if simply creating an online presence is thinking outside the box, then thinking further outside the box can really make waves. A couple years back, Burger King developed an app for Facebook that awarded a free Whopper to anyone who removed 10 of their friends. The catch? This act of defriending would be broadcast on the user’s newsfeed, so that the spurned parties were made well aware that they lost out to a burger. And just this week, Kraft announced its “Mac & Jinx” initiative, where if two people tweeted about mac & cheese at the same time, each would be sent a link. The first user to click the link would receive five free boxes of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese. This applies to the healthcare industry, too. While the opportunities may not seem as abundant as for large consumer brands, there is always a unique way to reach your audience. Whether it’s using Groupon to offer discounts to new patients or creating social networks that add an element of fun for diabetic children testing their glucose, the ideas are endless. Sometimes, just thinking outside of the box isn’t enough.