These are my confessions: Guest reflections on HIMSS15

By Jessica Beard on April 23rd, 2015

With the hustle and bustle HIMSS brings to the healthcare industry each year, I sat down with a few folks last week to find out their real thoughts about the show. We covered everything from the highs and lows of tradeshow strategies and social media to networking and topics that were buzzing.

Check out the confessions!

Favorite Part

Nancy Wilcox, director of sales and marketing at

Dodge: You’ve been at over a dozen HIMSS now, what’s your favorite part about attending HIMSS?

Wilcox: I get to see the people I normally only communicate with via phone or email. I value the face time in interacting with those that I truly care about. You can’t do that anywhere else but HIMSS.

Preparation, Apps & the Key to Not Standing All Day

Michael Campana, senior manager of healthcare marketing at Ricoh Healthcare

Social Media & Booth Themes

Michelle Rovner, manager of public relations and social media at NextGen Healthcare

Dodge: You follow social media like a hawk, what are you seeing people talk about the most?

Rovner: For the most part I see people talking about population health management and data analytics, using data – mining data – to get patients through the door, providing better care to patient and how providers can use the data to better engage with their patients. Whether or not it’s the patient’s role to be engaged or the provider’s role to get them engaged, where does that line cross and how does data play an active role in that process.

Dodge: You have a unique booth this year, what was your tradeshow strategy for HIMSS15?

Rovner: So, from a theming perspective, we’ve got “Better results.” Driving better results with NextGen Healthcare, better patient outcomes, financial results, patient engagement results – anything that can be better, we’re trying to get our providers to get there. When it comes to what’s in the booth, we’re touching on all four senses because care should focus on all the senses at all times. For example, visually we’ve got a waterfall wall where you can feel the breeze of the water. And, we have wheat grass where you can actually smell the grass. The key is to have an open environment that’s welcoming and not closed off.

What tradeshow strategies worked well for you this year?

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