The customer imperative: Making them the center of every healthcare strategy

The customer imperative: Making them the center of every healthcare strategy

Base your strategy on your customers, or in our case our customer’s customers—it’s a point we’ve all heard before. But in reading this Inc. Magazine article, I was reminded of how prominent this thought should always be, especially as the healthcare industry focuses on 2013 planning, objectives and strategies.

It points out that in B2B, understanding why customers are buying a product or solution is an opportunity. It also affords the perspective to plan strategically as well as create and execute on tactics that will truly help the end user, regardless of the type of technology or service needed.

As the industry transitions to assessing and developing strategies for 2013, there are a few guiding principles that this article reminded me of, things we always need to keep front and center regardless of the situation or target audience:

  1. Remember the bottom line. What objective is your end user trying to achieve? We must first understand their goals, objectives and story in order for us to help meet their needs. While the resulting revenue for your company is certainly important, what’s the bigger picture goal or focus?
  2. Think outside the box. Try not to tell the same story twice, whether leveraging PR or marketing tactics. Think of creative ways to appeal to target audiences or the media. What will make you and your story stand out from the competition? 
  3. Leverage what makes you different. Each company has a unique solution to the problems that exist in the healthcare industry. Leveraging what makes you different could be what closes the deal with a prospect—at the very least it provides an edge.

In healthcare, it is integral to fully understand how to promote the various solutions we sell. However, it’s just as important to immerse ourselves in what makes the target audience tick, without getting too wrapped up in how unique or great the solution is.

What are some of the principles that consistently guide the way you strategize for a new year?