The (career) doctor is in: tips for a successful job search in healthcare technology

The (career) doctor is in: tips for a successful job search in healthcare technology

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on June 5th, 2014

How many recent college graduates do you know who are poised to flood the workforce? It’s that time of year again, where eager candidates polish their resumes, press their best suits and push for introductions to key contacts. Ah, graduation season. If you or someone you know is looking to break into the healthcare technology space, consider these top five tips for a healthy job search:

  • Take a pulse (of the industry). This should go without saying, but you could set yourself apart from your competition by maintaining a tight grasp of industry news, relevant acronyms and shifting legislation. Study up on a niche field of interest, and know it well. Research influential organizations like HIMSS or CHIME. Impress your contacts and interviewers with smart questions and thoughtful insights.
  • Monitor your ‘vitals.’ Prioritize your must-haves for a new job. Are you determined to explore a new city? Do you want work in-house or at an agency? Would you consider living in Georgia? (If so, good news – there are more than 4,700 healthcare technology jobs in the state, according to a recent report by the Institute for Healthcare Information Technology.) What about employee benefit programs? Will you get to / have to travel? All are important questions to consider.
  • Talk to a doctor – or a business leader. Get to know the influencers in the space – whether that’s clinicians themselves, or top executives at software vendors, or award-winning agency leaders. Use your network (including LinkedIn!) to find and connect with people who will be willing to share their wisdom (and further connections, ideally) with you. And even if you don’t have direct access to those influencers, study them through articles and interviews, like this feature of the top women powerhouses in health IT.
  • Surround yourself with a care(er) management team. Back to leveraging your professional network; ensure your supporters are encouraging and candid with you. Honest mentors can go a long way in saving you grief and anxiety over a job search. Ask for feedback – and mean it. People who care about you (and your career) will bend over backwards to help you succeed.
  • Breathe deeply. Know that a successful job hunt can take time. Be patient, take the proper steps before and after interviews (including preparation and follow-up), and maintain proper perspective. Don’t be afraid of volunteer opportunities – or internships – if you’re just starting out in the industry.

Best of luck to those of you in the hunt!

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