The blurred lines are getting blurrier: Blending your media and public relations strategies with social media

By Erin Russ on December 10th, 2015

We’ve all heard it before: there are more than a few “blurry lines” between divisions in communication strategies like public relations, media relations, content marketing and advertising. With the rise of social media use in B2B healthcare, we’ve been seeing these proverbial lines getting even blurrier.

Now, we’re seeing more and more reporters taking to Twitter and the like for their stories and sources. Take this article about the top health IT blogs to read, or this one about health IT social media mavens, for example—media outlets are now making social activity into editorial content. This presents a huge opportunity for organizations to leverage social media for grassroots thought leadership.

Here are a few ways your organization can optimize thought leadership efforts via social media to capitalize on this trend:

Build a consistent social platform that you’re passionate about. Are you an operational IT pro? Maybe you champion patient safety and education efforts? Whatever your go-to topic is, stick with it and build your social media platform in a consistent way. Doing this can help you build your social brand around that particular trend, positioning you as the expert on the topic, drawing editorial folks to you via your social conversations.

Promote your content through social channels. Once you finish a piece of content (think white papers, bylined articles and infographics), share, share, share! Including content within social posts can boost engagement—in fact, including a URL to articles, quotes or images can increase engagement by up to 35 percent. Providing your followers with easy and understandable stats, quotes or pictures will help boost your credibility and make people come back for more information.

Interact via social with your favorite outlets and editors. As you work to build your social media brand, make sure you’re following your favorite publications, editors and influencers. Keep up with the types of trends and news they typically cover and weigh in via social when you have an opinion. Building relationships with these folks on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn will help position you as their right-hand source when they’re working on a new piece.

How has your company been working through social media to promote coverage in the media? What results have you seen?

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