Strategies for maximizing your healthcare tradeshow marketing experience

Strategies for maximizing your healthcare tradeshow marketing experience

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on June 10th, 2014

Tradeshows are a vehicle for companies to gain valuable face time with prospects and clients in the business-to-business world, but simply showing up at the event is not going to get the job done. How can a company excel at tradeshows? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. An effective tradeshow strategy will span across a timeframe of nearly a year, encompassing pre-show, during the show and post-show initiatives. Covering all the bases is necessary to make the most of the tradeshow experience.

Below, you will find an outline to aid in maximizing your tradeshow strategy to increase brand awareness, thought leadership and demand generation.


76 percent of tradeshow attendees choose which exhibits to visit before attending the show. They’ve done their research, so how can your company stand out above all the noise in the market? Here are a few tactics to include in your pre-show initiatives:

  • Determine the key messaging your company wants to deliver to its target audience and develop a plan to effectively deliver it to prospects. This may consist of developing a multi-touch campaign, sales collateral and a social media plan, among other initiatives.
  • Conduct customer and prospect outreach to reinforce your name, with hopes of them scheduling time for a one-on-one meeting at the tradeshow or stopping by your booth.


How will you attract attendees to your booth? It’s important to create a learning environment for prospects and customers. To entice attendees to visit your booth, here are a few tactics you can implement:

  • Present a high-level PowerPoint and have collateral at your booth that demonstrates your company’s offerings and the value you bring to the market.
  • Maintain a consistent presence on social media by “live tweeting” throughout the event, among using other social media tools.
  • Meet with key industry stakeholders, including media, analysts and other influencers. 


Although you’ve done all the right things to prepare for the show and make your presence known while at the event, it can’t end there. This is arguably the most crucial moment of the tradeshow experience so you can work on transitioning prospects to leads. Take the time to follow up. Here are several ways to do so:

  • Distribute compelling content to use in targeted lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Republish tradeshow talks on your website.
  • Distribute a downloadable whitepaper recapping the event that will push them to prospect-specific lead nurturing campaigns.

What tactics have you used that have shown ROI in your tradeshow endeavors? For more information on tradeshow best practices, read our whitepaper: “Craving face time: Strategies for making the most of tradeshows.

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