Steve Rigby says design makes complex healthcare messages easier to understand

By Brad Dodge on September 13th, 2011

In the latest installment of our 10th anniversary blog series, a Dodge Communications senior interactive developer and producer is interviewed to discuss his experience with Dodge in the recent months. To view earlier installments please click here.

Steve Rigby is the senior interactive developer and producer. He has been with Dodge Communications for four months. He says that the friendly environment at Dodge makes it a great place to work. 

Dodge: Since you started working here, how has Dodge helped you develop as a professional web developer?
Rigby: Dodge has really helped me improve my skill sets in probably two major areas. For one, it’s really helped me expand my understanding of the web development process. While I understand the web development process really well, it’s really about understanding how to adapt to the process on-the- fly in order to provide improved customer service or the final quality of a product when delivering. It has really been a great learning experience for me. In addition, I think the variety of work Dodge brings in helps keep me on my toes. I’m given new challenges and opportunities on a weekly basis that allow me to explore new techniques and keep up with the ever-changing environment that the industry presents.

Dodge: What role do you think design can have in the ever-changing healthcare technology space?
Rigby: I think design’s role has always been to problem-solve. Communicating complex messages is never an easy task, especially when we absorb information visually much differently than we absorb words that are spoken or that we read. The power of design is much stronger at communicating visually. When you put a design in front of someone with a strong message, you have a greater chance of capturing their attention than you would just having the message being spoken directly to them.

Dodge: If you could give advice to clients about picking designs for their integrated campaigns, what would it be?
Rigby: I think when it comes to picking designs, we need to ask ourselves: is this what I want or is this what my customers want? I think it’s in our nature to pick our personal taste. It’s even true for designers when we first enter the field of design, but through years of training and experience we come to learn it’s not really about us and what we do for design. It’s really about who we’re targeting with our design and the message. It’s not to say that we can’t put our own touches on design—that goes for the client or the designer—but it’s really what the target audience is interested in that we should be focused on. When it comes to picking colors or when it comes to picking the right font or the right layout, generally, designers will choose the best means to reach out to that audience based on the information we gathered from the communication brief and the client in the industry. That’s why it’s important to clearly define up-front who our audience is. Then, when we integrate the campaign, we have a better sense of reaching that market than we would picking things based on our own personal preference.

Dodge: What’s your favorite part about working at Dodge?
Rigby: I would have to say, my favorite part about working at Dodge is getting to work with the people who I work with everyday. Dodge has some of the most friendly and genuine people that I think I’ve really ever had the opportunity to work with, and that type of environment just makes it a fun environment to work in. It brings out the best in everybody, which I think brings up the quality of the work that we do.

Dodge: What’s one of the most memorable moments you’ve had at Dodge?
Rigby: I think the most memorable moment to me was when I first signed on and joined the company. We had just been awarded one of Atlanta’s best places to work in 2011, and it was a great feeling to know that the people who I work with, as I mentioned  earlier, are great to work with. When I heard this, it reaffirmed that I made the right choice to work with Dodge.  We all gathered in the conference room to celebrate the news—we popped some champagne and had strawberries dipped in chocolate, and everyone just had a good laugh. We got to toast to our continued success and keeping Dodge a great place to work.