Recap - PR dominates #HITMC Twitter chat discussion

By Ashlea Cartee on March 29th, 2016

On Tuesday Dodge hosted a #HITMC Tweet chat focused on PR strategies that drive success and help achieve optimum results. The participants of the Tweet chat included healthcare marketing and PR professionals from various different organizations who provided insight on which PR strategies work – and don’t work - in the healthcare industry. Here are the 5 topics that were discussed and some highlights of the conversation.

1. What B2C trends are you incorporating into your B2B efforts?
Visuals, bite-sized and targeted content are becoming top of mind for B2B organizations. The B2B healthcare industry is ever-evolving and visuals and bite-sized content provide an easier and more succinct way to communicate the benefits of a product or service. Participants agreed that snack-able, targeted and easy-to-read content will be a leading trend this year.

2. How does social media fit into your PR strategy?
“Social media should be right at the center of your PR strategy,” as one participant put it. Instead of waiting for the media to write their story, organizations are choosing to be proactive by sharing those stories via social media. The Tweet chat participants also touched on how social media should be leveraged to share earned and owned content, and for interacting with influencers, target audiences and media contacts. Lastly, don’t forget about one of the main purposes of social media - building relationships. “In the end, social media and PR both focus on relationships and how well you build upon those and create new relationships,” a participant tweeted.

3. How does your organization strategically leverage PR?
Here at Dodge, we like to follow the COPE method – Create once, publish everywhere – and many participants seemed to agree with the benefits of this approach, while touching on the importance of repurposing content. Do it! You can repurpose content to extend the reach of your collateral and identify further link-building opportunities. “Don't be afraid to re-purpose. Just because content is ‘old’ to you/your organization, doesn't mean it's old to your (new) audiences,” one participant added.

4. How do you gain buy-in from senior leaders in PR?
Participants again hit on the importance of relationship building and open communication within organizations. The whole team has to believe in the work and it’s important for teams to set expectations and be on the same page for the project. Aside from building relationships with leaders, showing leaders that PR is part of the bigger picture, as it drives other activities and ultimately sales, will help gain leadership buy-in and support.

5. What trends do you think will dominate the healthcare PR industry this year?
For this last question, participants touched on the top healthcare trends this year including consumerism, value-based payment models, population health and big data. On the media side, participants saw social media campaigns evolving to be more effective and thoughtful than they’ve ever been in healthcare. Lastly, marketing automation is set to take off this year. One participant added that there will be an increased focus on the importance of using content to fuel marketing automation and targeted campaigns to cultivate and convert leads.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Tweet chat and provided insightful thoughts on PR strategies in the healthcare industry. We look forward to attending HITMC in April and gaining valuable insight from presenters, attendees and sessions. See you there!

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