Q&A with Eric Temple-Morris on the importance of strategic advertising campaigns

Q&A with Eric Temple-Morris on the importance of strategic advertising campaigns

Helping clients with a variety of marketing campaigns requires an acute understanding of what the target market is interested in and how they consume information. For advertising campaigns, this entails knowing which publications reach the perfect audience and whether this audience consumes information online or in print. So how does a publication keep up with the trends to ensure the best results for advertisers?

To provide advice for effectively launching an advertising campaign, we’ve invited Eric Temple-Morris to share his insight. Eric is VP, Client Solutions/Sales at UBM Medica US, which publishes Physicians Practice, Diagnostic Imaging among others.

Dodge: Physicians Practice has one of the largest practice-based audiences, which is an important audience for many vendors. How do you ensure the balance between advertising and editorial while still meeting market demands?

Eric: First and foremost, we do balance the two in the fact that they’re independent of each other. Physicians Practice has always treated both in conjunction, but independently, of each other. We do this because we think that serves the audiences well on both sides. When it comes to the editorial content of our brands, we think the content will speak for itself so we focus on what’s relevant to the practices. If we focus on the content first and foremost, everything else will come full circle. In addition, we have developed multimedia-based programs that serve the audience’s needs, but also serve the vendors with what they need and can demonstrate the ROI.

Dodge: How do you continue to generate interest both from advertisers and readers in the print media knowing so much focus is going on to online now days?

Eric: We started as a print brand obviously and with the emergence of digital media and mobile media, we realized that there are other options for our readers. However, we focus on the content that we serve no matter what form it comes in, whether it’s print, mobile or digital platforms. We feel that content is king and content will drive audience. In the case of the physicians’ space, we know that the print medium is still working and an important medium. Physicians don’t necessarily have the time to dive into digital media and to go online like a lot of other professionals might during the course of their workday.

Dodge: In the last few years a number of new online advertising options have emerged like footers and retargeting among other tactics. How does Physicians Practice determine what types of new options to pursue and which ones aren’t right for the publication?

Eric: There are a lot of options out there in the marketplace for vendors to basically use as tactics for reaching that digital audience. What we try to do is not emulate any trend or duplicate what others are doing. What we always try to focus on is what the needs are from the customer perspective. So when we talk to our customers, we always want to learn what they’re focused on, what the objectives they’re trying to achieve are, and what’s important to them when it comes to ROI. We then tailor that within the framework of the budgets as well as the timeframe in which they’re working within.

By going through that process and getting very specific with the sort of customized solutions and approaches, we’ve developed unique products that have been rolled out then we learn that they can be replicated very easily and utilized in other brands as well as other audiences. It’s not just replicating another program for another vendor; it’s more about finding another solution that fits a certain criteria and then applying that to another set of objectives.

Dodge: As online advertising matures, advertisers are requiring more ways to track success of these types of placements. How are you best demonstrating ROI for advertisers?

Eric: That’s the beauty of digital media, right? It’s all metrics based. On that same note, ROI is an interesting term because that can be interpreted in many different directions so we make sure on the front end that we clarify what does ROI mean for you. We, again, will recommend and apply tactics or products, that measure up to the objectives that are being measured. During the program, we provide monthly reporting along those metrics. So whether a program’s being measured on cost per views, cost per clicks, cost per impressions, cost per leads, we want to deliver the metric that we’re being measured on. If we define it on the front end, we will definitely fulfill on the backend all the details that align with that metric.

Dodge: What trends and changes do you anticipate in advertising over the next few years?

Eric: I think print will essentially be narrowed down to a few key, leading brands in each of their perspective markets because of the growth of digital. As people get more comfortable with digital media and as more users of digital media consume information online, the growth will be in that space indefinitely. The print brands that are entrenched in the marketplace will continue to provide and meet a demand in the marketplace, not only from a reader perspective but also from a vendor perspective.

Getting back to digital, I think digital is obviously growing tremendously. There will continue to be hyper growth in the mobile space, particularly when it comes to tablets and the adoption of tablet use among physicians in particular.

We’re developing digital apps and custom solutions for vendors in which it serves a purpose that’s meaningful to the audience. So rather than taking a PDF of the magazine and producing a “flip-able” version online within a web browser (that’s kind of the no-brainer, right?), we are launching digital publications for the iPad. The tablet’s ability to contain interactive and engaging content within an app really leverages what the tablet brings to the marketplace. The tablet to me is almost bringing the Internet to life. It’s bringing it into the 3D world. This is where it get’s exciting for both advertisers and the readers we serve at UBM Medica.