Physicians Practice Podcast: Bolstering Advertising Results Through PR

By Brad Dodge on May 14th, 2009

I was pleased to participate as a guest presenter in the Physicians Practice 2009 Podcast Series: Marketing to Physicians Today. Four great topics helping vendors zero in on the current state of the physician marketplace. My podcast addressed ways to bolster advertising results through the use of PR. The basic premise is this: Even if you have the world’s greatest ad and you get primo placement it in the world’s greatest magazine, there is a high probability that your ad won’t be seen by your audience. All that creativity gone to waste.

To increase the probability of the ad being seen, it’s important to have an integrated PR and marketing campaign in place, where advertising is simply one component of many. The podcast discusses important characteristics of your brand—including momentum, credibility, trust and leadership, that are requisite to building a formidable presence in the market. Each step your company takes toward strengthening those characteristics is a step closer to getting a seat at the decision making table. It’s a 10-minute piece. Hope you have a chance to listen.