New Year, New Resolutions

By Dodge Communications on January 12th, 2012

2012 is here! And that can only mean one thing—time for resolutions. Aside from resolving to become better-looking, healthier, richer and more successful over the next 12 months—while also knocking off a few bucket-list items—January is also a good time to focus on goals for your professional growth.

1. Become more familiar with the latest industry trends. This is a larger task you can’t simply check off a list. It represents continual growth to become better, sharper and more proficient in your role. And with the whirlwind of change taking place in healthcare IT, it’s a definite “must do” no matter what position you hold in your organization. With busy schedules, it’s so easy to get lost in a niche bubble and overlook hot topics that can indirectly affect your business. Take this time this year to read, discuss, ask questions and read some more to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening around you.

2. Focus on a project that you didn’t have the time for in 2011. Simple enough, right? Looking back over the past year, are there any projects or activities you wish you had taken the time to tackle, but just couldn’t seem to fit in? Make one of those your priority this year.

3. Embrace social media, and set out to accomplish an actionable task from it. Not to sound like a broken record (if you actually know what one of those sounds like!), but social media is transforming the way we interact personally and professionally; the way we get our news; the way we find out about new products, ideas, people; etc. As its uses continue to evolve, make it your mission to evolve with them. Designate 2012 as the year you embrace social media and work toward achieving incremental goals from it. Inspire a journalist to cover a story from a company tweet, set up a meeting with a prospect, make 50 new connections you actually interact with, etc.

4. Take the time to regularly de-clutter your inbox. Seems small, but utterly important. If you have hundreds—or dare I say thousands—of emails lurking in your inbox that you only quickly scan and do nothing with, things can easily get overlooked. Days get busy, but taking the time to organize your email inbox can go a long way. I use flags, folders, categories and the wonderful delete feature for everything, and keep only the emails “in the works” or that need action in my inbox.

5. Expand personal connection networks. Participate in more online groups, social networks and real-life events in the coming year to build your personal and/or professional networks, and individual standing as an industry expert.

6. Rely less on email or texts, and more on phone and in-person interactions. The ease and convenience of typing out your message in a text or email and simply hitting send makes digital the king of communication these days. But I don’t think we should ever discount the importance of actual conversation via phone, Skype or in person. It’s great to put a voice to a name or email signature, a face to a voice—and to just connect with people on more direct level. This is one of the aspects I really enjoy about tradeshows such as HIMSS, AHIMA, MGMA; we get to sit down and see the clients, partners, editors, etc. that we interact with all year long. These are only a few ideas, but it looks like I’ve got a lot to do, so I better get to it! Feel free to share any other ideas for business resolutions this year in the comments! We’d love to hear them all.