Navicure: Becoming a Trusted Brand

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on June 23rd, 2017

Healthcare IT is a two-way street; it works best when the service provider and the clinical organization trust each other and can work together for the best outcomes. Consistent, relevant communication between your company and customers is the essential to establishing confidence. Open lines of communication create the space to listen, be heard and act with transparency, which leads to reliable relationships.

For more than a decade, Navicure has partnered with Dodge for PR and marketing. As a provider of cloud-based claims management and patient payment solutions, Navicure serves more than 100,000 healthcare providers nationwide. The company’s revenue cycle management platform enables organizations to increase revenue, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the cost and effort of claims management, patient billing and payments and healthcare data analytics.

We spoke with Navicure’s marketing director, Carrie Sjogren, and senior marketing manager, Dorothy Milazzo, to discuss the reasons their company is seen as a trusted leader in the health IT space and how they work to build customer confidence. 

Dodge: Why is Navicure a trusted brand?

Navicure: In part because of all the thought leadership and educational content that we’ve put out over the years. One example is the ICD-10 Hub, a microsite dedicated to providing essential resources to help practices and HIT vendors understand how to prepare for industry changes and how the transition would impact the entire industry. The Hub helped build a lot of that trust and credibility with our audience and positioned us as a go-to organization for help. I would also put educational content and webinars at the top of that list. We also have a high client satisfaction rate. In fact, our Net Promoter Score is higher than Google’s.

Dodge: Aside from the ICD-10 Hub site and campaign and the webinars, are there any other specific components within Dodge’s PR and marketing programs that have been successful?

Navicure: Both our blog, The Daily Practice, and our surveys, which gauge current client and market understanding of topics around revenue cycle management. Because the surveys come from a third party and have proof points, they have helped us build trust with prospects and existing clients.

Dodge: How does your sales team reach out to prospects to build a relationship of trust?

Navicure: From a sales perspective, our team leverages the content that we develop. They use the case studies and things of that nature, as well as some of the educational thought leadership pieces, to gain credibility and trust of the prospective client.

Dodge: In terms of credibility, I know you’ve talked about being a thought leader. Are there any specific tactics or pieces of content over the years that we’ve created that have helped solidify credibility or reputation as a trusted advisor?

Navicure: Ongoing webinars, the Daily Practice and back to the Hub that has now since been retired but was a strong piece. Especially since we associated ourselves with other thought leaders in the industry with AAPC and PMI because they can help fill in that coding aspect. Also, the white paper content you created for us helped move us past being seen as just a clearinghouse to a credible and total RCM platform. Through the work Dodge has done, specifically in content creation and media relations, we were able to build the reputations of our SMEs. Now Ken Bradley, our vice president of strategic planning and regulatory compliance, is a prominent thought leader who is invited to speak at tradeshows across the country.

Dodge: Once these relationships have been established, why is it important to continue nurturing them?

Navicure: I think client loyalty is important. If our clients aren’t successful then we’re not successful. And if they’re not successful, they’re eventually not going to be our clients anymore. So I think it’s always important to continue building that trust. By continuing to offer them these trusted, relevant content pieces that got them there in the first place, we can help them continue their success. This helps us to earn their business every day and also show them that we are the leaders in the industry.

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