LinkedIn strategies for better B2B healthcare marketing

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 24th, 2015

Social media has become an invaluable tool to position your growing business to stand out online and be perceived as a thought leader within the healthcare industry. LinkedIn is one platform that enables your business to step beyond the walls of conventional marketing tactics and connect with other organizations and consumers to build a stronger, smarter brand perception.

According to a recent study, LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80 percent of a business's social media leads with all the other social media platforms put together only amounting to 19.67 percent of leads. So how do you garner this kind of traction from your LinkedIn marketing efforts?

Here are 3 top strategies to keep in mind as you build your B2B LinkedIn presence:

  1. Follow other industry leaders and engage with them. If you’re only interacting with those that directly reach out to you on LinkedIn, you are missing a major benefit that this social media platform can offer. Connect with your peers and other healthcare leaders and engage in relevant conversations to be seen as a thought leader within the industry. You will reap the benefits of expanding your network, potential leads and you just might learn something too. Accenture is a good example of this as they have built a strong following on LinkedIn and also actively follows other leaders within their industry.
  2. Transform your organization page into a lead nurturing tool. When most organizations set up their LinkedIn profile they include the basics: organization name, boilerplate, basic facts about the company, etc. While this can be useful information, you must position yourself in the shoes of a potential client and consider the best way to engage them. By structuring your profile to generate a conversation that directs viewers to key pages on your website or blog you are increasing your chances of securing a new lead. For example, Evernote ranked within 2014’s top LinkedIn company pages as a result of their easily to follow and engaging company page
  3. Don’t simply create it and forget it. You build your LinkedIn profile, you’ve followed some industry leaders, the rest should work itself out right? Not quite. In order to have a strong LinkedIn presence, you must continue to actively update your profile with new company developments, post thought leadership content and increase your network. While this doesn’t need to be an extremely time consuming part of your day-to-day activities, it should be something that you attempt to do at least once a month at very minimum. For example, Acxiom posts consistent content and regularly update their LinkedIn profile to stay relevant and active.

There are many different methods and tools that can be applied to build a strong LinkedIn presence for your company. As social media has become a powerful tool to promote your growing business, it’s worth taking the time to ensure you are utilizing these platforms to their fullest potential. Who knows, it could just result in your next big lead or sale.

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