Lessons from the gridiron: What healthcare executives can glean from football

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on September 18th, 2014

As we enter what we hope will be another exciting season of football, there may just be more to the weekly rankings, defensive and offensive calls, and the “play of the week” than you realize. Regardless of how your favorite football team performed, there are some business lessons healthcare executives can take away from the gridiron. Here are five valuable lessons football can teach you to achieve business success:

Resiliency wins the game. Physical performance is important in football, and may just set apart the college football players from those poised to enter the NFL, but mental toughness truly can make all the difference. Healthcare executives face a lot of setbacks as they’re building their organization, such as adjusting to new healthcare reform or determining which technology is the best investment, but if you’re armed with mental toughness and resiliency to push through, you will find success in the end.

Practice and measure. A football team starts out with a plan drawn on a whiteboard, and then executes this plan on the field. After that, they watch video footage of their practices and games to identify any mistakes so they can aggressively address them for next time. For healthcare executives to be successful, they need to place priority on developing strategic plans for their business, practice (or test) projects and then measure the results. Once the organization has fine-tuned their processes, they can focus on execution to perform again and again!

Be fearless. Have you ever seen a team take a chance to go for a two-point conversion in the final seconds, and then win the game? This is the kind of confidence and fearlessness it takes to run a business well. Much like how football players take chances on the field, healthcare executives should take on challenges and fearlessly tackle new ideas to stimulate their business growth.

Rely on your coaches. Each football team has expert coaches calling the shots on the field, even specific coaches focused on offense, defense, kicking, etc. to keep every part of the team performing well. Healthcare executives need to invest in their team too. If you take advantage of other resources and experts in your field, these people can help you navigate challenges and experience business growth across the board.

Set goals, keep them in sight. Only one team can end the season as a champion. A football team takes one win at a time, they make new goals after every game and always have their eye on the prize. Healthcare executives should set goals and benchmarks, refocus them at times based on progress and changing circumstances within the industry, and always keep them in mind. This helps challenge the organization as a whole, sets your company apart from competitors and leads to successful growth.

With these lessons found buried in the sport of football, you might be watching games a bit differently now. Regardless, if your organization follows these steps - even if your favorite football team ends up in the cellar at the end of the season, you’ll still end up on top!

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