Kat McDavitt, Dodge Communications, discusses role of integrated communications in healthcare industry

By Brad Dodge on August 16th, 2011

In the latest installment of our 10th anniversary blog series, a Dodge Communications senior account manager is interviewed to discuss her experience with Dodge over the years. To view earlier installments please click here.

Kat McDavitt headshotKat McDavitt is senior account manager at Dodge Communications. She has been at Dodge for a year and a half and says that having a great group of supportive colleagues is one of her favorite parts of her job. Click on the picture below to listen to the interview or view the transcript below.

Dodge: How has Dodge helped you develop as a professional communicator?
McDavitt: I think it’s helped me most by being able to work on a team. In my previous position I was the sole PR practitioner at a corporate firm, and there was no one to bounce ideas off of. There was no one to get a second opinion from, so it’s been really great to have a group of really supportive colleagues who go out of their way to give you good advice.

Dodge: What role do you think Dodge has in the ever-changing healthcare technology industry?
McDavitt: I think Dodge has a great opportunity to cut through a lot of the noise that is out there right now, especially with healthcare reform and a lot of changing rules and deadlines. There’s a lot of uncertainty and chaos, so I think we have a great opportunity to tell the story of the companies who might not have the biggest, baddest budgets, but the companies that might have really great benefits to offer and really great solutions.

Dodge: What do you think is the most important part of working with clients to create integrated communications campaigns?
McDavitt: I think the most important things to consider when putting together an integrated marketing campaign is to set really clear expectations upfront and to define clear objectives. I think if you skip ahead to the fun stuff and skip the foundation, I think you may be disappointed in the end. It’s very important to take time at the beginning of a campaign and set everything up right.

Dodge: What’s your favorite part about working for Dodge?
McDavitt: My favorite part about working at Dodge is probably my first answer—that you get to work with a fun team and a fun group of people. I’ve made a lot of good friends here and a lot of good professional relationships as well.

Dodge: What are some of the memorable moments you’ve had here at Dodge?
McDavitt: On a professional level, I think one of the best experiences I’ve had so far is getting to go the HIMSS conference this past year. It was great to go to one of the biggest industry events we have here. To have the chance to see our clients in a different environment and face-to-face makes it a very interesting place to be. On a personal level, I really loved the Dodge WhirleyBall competition last year. That was a lot of fun!