It's National Self-Improvement Month: What are you doing to improve your social media strategy?

By Erin Russ on September 11th, 2014

Did you know September is National Self-Improvement Month? While many people are setting personal goals, like participating in fitness challenges and better managing their finances, organizations can take a page out of the “self-improvement book” to work on their healthcare social media strategy. Most organizations have started using social media already, and now is the time to start improving, instead of “just doing”—a must in order to thrive in today’s healthcare environment, as patients are becoming more and more like consumers.

Here are a few quick tips and tricks organizations can leverage to improve their healthcare social media activity: 

Control the conversation by actually starting it. The healthcare industry is all about “buzz words,” such as patient engagement, healthcare policies or big data—but are those the topics that your patients or customers are actually worried about? Instead of just participating in conversations started by others, start your own! Figure out what your audience is passionate about and engage them in the conversation. Get creative with hashtags, host tweetups and start groups around “buzz words” that your audience will truly buzz about.

Position your C-suite executives as thought leaders. With only a few healthcare representatives on the 50 Most Social CIOs on Twitter list each year, there’s a huge opportunity for your company’s executives to expand their reach onto social media platforms—especially on LinkedIn in the B2B space and Twitter to reach patients. Not only does this position these executives as authorities, but it also shows patients and customers that they’re accessible. Doing so increases engagement with your key audiences, enabling you to better connect and address their needs.

Leverage analytics to measure your success. As with any healthcare marketing, public relations or even clinical efforts, you always want to measure how well your strategy is working and make adjustments and improvements as needed. The same goes for social media. Your company can do this manually, or using analytics tools—either way helping to ensure you’re properly connecting with your audience and learning more about their preferences at the same time (something that’s becoming increasingly important in healthcare).

What are some tactics that your company has used recently to improve its social media strategy? How have you measured your success?

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