#HITMC Twitter Chat recap: Blending content marketing and PR for maximum results

By Ashlea Cartee on December 20th, 2016

Dodge recently hosted a #HITMC Twitter chat that created conversation around how to use content marketing to fuel PR efforts. The participants of the Twitter chat included healthcare marketing and PR professionals from various organizations who provided insight on integrating content and PR efforts to get ahead of competitors in the healthcare industry. Here are the 5 topics that were discussed and key takeaways from the conversation.

1. What content marketing trends do you think will dominate 2017?

Participants touched on the explosion of video/visual content, including live streaming and utilizing interactive content to increase engagement. Another trend that will continue to be a topic of conversation in 2017 is leveraging marketing technology to distribute content to targeted audiences. Lastly, influencer marketing has always been a leading marketing strategy, but now more than ever, companies are looking to influencers to expand reach to customers and clients.

2. What type of content resonates best with your audience?

Participants hit on the success of providing visually appealing and valuable content to reach their targeted audiences. Bite-sized assets, such as infographics, provide an easier and more succinct way to communicate the benefits of a product or service. In addition, case studies help potential customers see how their organization can benefit from using your services. “Case studies resonate with us – providing the chance for customers to read real results and envision their own success,” one participant added. 

3. How does content marketing and PR fit into your overall marketing strategy?

Participants agreed that content marketing and PR remain the main drivers of a marketing strategy and work hand-in-hand together to increase brand recognition. “We use content marketing to help establish credibility. Content marketing is not a product overview; it’s providing education & value,” a participant added. Here at Dodge, we like to follow the COPE method – Create once, publish everywhere – and many participants seemed to agree with the benefits of this approach, while touching on the importance of repurposing content to maximize efforts.

4. How does your organization use content marketing to increase thought leadership?

For this question, participants discussed the importance of increasing thought leadership efforts to build credibility, which is key for every organization. Developing several content assets that tie back to similar themes/topics might seem overused to you, but actually helps to position your organization as an expert on that subject.

5. What are the benefits of sharing content assets on social media?

“We live in a connected world. Sharing content via social intersects your messages with people where they are every day,” as one participant put it. It’s important to leverage a social media platform that resonates well with your audience to promote content and maximize efforts. Social media allows you to share content that may reach top influencers, positioning your organization as an industry leader. Participants also touched on the up rise of social selling and paid posts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Twitter chat and provided insightful thoughts. We look forward to HITMC in April and gaining valuable insight from presenters, attendees and sessions. See you there!

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