Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole: Q&A with Ellen Donahue-Dalton of Medecision

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 3rd, 2015

A discussion with Ellen Donahue-Dalton continues our thought leadership series with the sponsors of the Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole. Donahue-Dalton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Medecision, discusses her company’s focus and insight into the population health management market.

Dodge: You are in a business that has traditionally been providing care management software systems to health plans, is that right?

Donahue-Dalton: Correct, and we’ve changed a lot within the last few years. Now we provide a Saas-based population health management platform to health plans, care delivery providers, accountable care organizations, managed services organizations and clinically integrated networks – a big expansion in capabilities and footprint.

Dodge: How are the effects of the Affordable Care Act impacting your business, particularly as it relates to the integration of providers?

Donahue-Dalton: A lot of the movement seen around the integration of care delivery providers has to do with driving triple aim outcomes – lowest costs, best health outcomes and highest patient satisfaction. What this specifically means to Medecision is that we need to be able to provide more clinical and financial information that is actionable and relevant to whoever is looking at it at that moment. All of this information must be in real time – or with the lowest latency possible – personalized and impactful to the quality of the care transaction or episode.

Dodge: How is your business addressing the trend toward consumer engagement?

Donahue-Dalton: We’re really focused on data, and we spend a lot of time, research and development resources on aggregating data sources and interfacing to EMRs, the primary clinical record today. From there, we use predictive analytics and other insight tools to drive meaningful alerts and actions to care coordinators and care managers through workflow tools. This year, we’re really focused on the front end of our platform – the integrations and data sources themselves, gateway and hub capabilities and then designing appropriate workflows for better engagement all around.

We’ve been building consumer tools for about 3 years, starting with our Aerial™ Consumer Care app which facilitates quick self-evals, online educational tools, click-to-chat capabilities and an integration to care management workflow. Now, we’re building consumer and patient engagement mobile tools for a variety of purposes, to evaluate engagement strategies and application content. 

Dodge: Is there anything else you’d like to add about Medecision or the current state of the industry?

Donahue-Dalton: To successfully manage population health, you need to do a bit of everything. And, you need a technology partner with a full platform inclusive of workflow tools, analytics and insight, intervention capabilities and outcomes and reporting for measurements. Every technology player can SAY they can help manage population health, but only a few can actually do it. Medecision is a clear leader in this space and we’re investing persistently to continue to drive significant value for our clients.

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