Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole: Q&A with Chris Coloian of Predilytics

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on January 20th, 2015

The fifth annual Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole is approaching, and in the next couple of weeks we will be featuring sponsors of the event that will provide insight into the healthcare industry. Chris Coloian, president and CEO of Predilytics, discusses data analytics, consumerism and other trends and innovations in the healthcare space, and how they are affecting the industry landscape.

Dodge: Predilytics is one of the next generation companies in the healthcare data analytics space, correct?

Coloian: Yes, Predilytics is a new generation of healthcare information technology companies focused on consumer and provider behaviors that drive care delivery. We use a broader data set, including consumer data from outside the healthcare system, to infer future outcomes on individuals without any clinical history. In addition, we have productized the insights so they can drive business operations and quality care.

Dodge: Can you discuss the top 2-3 innovations in the data analytics space that will have the greatest impact on healthcare in the next 12 months?

Coloian: I believe that the three data analytics innovations that will have the greatest impact on healthcare this year are:

  • The expanding implementation of wireless technologies to liberate data. This will make access to information and information delivery far more frictionless and promote the digital engagement of healthcare consumers and providers.
  • The continued liberation of payer, provider and government healthcare data in PHI/PII blinded and protected formats. This will help benchmark outcomes for consumers, as they increasingly assume risk.
  • The expansion of technology and business intelligence and decision support tools, including the use of unstructured data. This will enable a greater understanding of the healthcare consumer DNA, to help drive meaningful decision support at the individual level.

Dodge: Given the fact that consumerism within healthcare is here to stay, in what ways can analytics help the healthcare system, with consumers becoming the actual purchasers of healthcare?

Coloian: As patients become more informed healthcare consumers, it is important to know more about them. Understanding consumer preferences, segmentation, and their decision making journey before they purchase and when they engage, should change the industry from being reactive (“See you when you are sick”) to being more proactive in nature (“Here are you options”).

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