Healthcare companies are asking for it

By Jenny Orr on May 19th, 2009

For environmentally friendly paperstocks for their print materials. Everyone knows that corporations are globally warming up to the idea of going green. I’m no expert on this massive topic, but what I do know after many years in design and advertising is that clients are actually starting to request or at least act interested in things like biodegradable envelopes and recycled paper. Most clients are putting their collateral online and printing a little less too. FINALLY social responsibility issues are becoming a major component of corporate brands. Let’s face it, saving mother earth is only half of it. By doing things such as carrying the FSC-certification logo on their print products, companies are enhancing their own brands. Whether it’s ‘green’ for environment or ‘green’ for money, I don’t care, I’m just glad it’s become a top of mind issue. What does FSC stand for? Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way. For more information on FSC click here. So be sure to ask your designers or printers to provide you with FSC certified paper options. There are some nice ones out there. President Barack Obama did it — check out the bottom right corner of his inaugural invitations — so you can too!