Frank Irving sheds light on issues affecting small physician practices

Frank Irving sheds light on issues affecting small physician practices

By Dodge Communications on February 6th, 2014

Frank Irving, editor of Medical Practice Insider, provides the 411 on his publication, as well as shares his insight on the issues affecting small and midsize physician practices today. Irving even provides us with a glimpse of the future.

Dodge: Provide us with some insight into your role at Medical Practice Insider, as well as how you landed in the healthcare industry.

Irving: I'm responsible for all editorial content that appears on Medical Practice Insider. We update the site with fresh content daily, so that means continuously staying on top of developing news while providing actionable advice to small and midsize physician offices in the form of "best practices" articles.

I've been covering information technology for 25 years, the last 15 of which have been spent focusing on IT in the healthcare sector. I've been fortunate to work for publishers who recognize the value of technology to the healthcare profession but also understand that certain segments — especially medical practices — are seeking reliable sources of information.

I also genuinely admire the people we write about, those on the frontlines making the U.S. healthcare system better for all.

So it's been a natural fit.

Dodge: You recently changed your publication name from Physbiztech to Medical Practice Insider. What was the push behind this change?

Irving: Medical Practice Insider clearly resonates with our audience of office-based physicians and practice managers, and communicates that we're the authoritative source of information on the intersection of business and technology for that audience. 

Dodge: In your opinion, what are the top three issues physician practices must focus on during 2014?

Irving: They must simultaneously prepare for the ICD-10 code set transition, meaningful use attestation, and participation in value-based reimbursement models.

Dodge: Which topics will you be most closely tracking and interested in covering in Medical Practice Insider this year?

Irving: ICD-10 and meaningful use are top-of-mind for most of our readers at the moment. They're also highly interested in how they'll be affected by SGR reform legislation. Not surprisingly, they're eager for more information about exactly who is covered under new Affordable Care Act health plans and the financial/ operational/ caregiving ramifications of potentially serving a large volume of new patients.

Dodge: Let's look 10 years down the road. Tell us how you think physician practices will be operating differently than they are today.

Irving: EHRs will be ubiquitous and more patient encounters will take place in non-traditional settings. Claims processing will be fully electronic and vastly more efficient. Diagnoses and treatments will be highly refined and targeted. Patients will be rewarded for taking better care of themselves, too.

As a result, it's my hope that the practice of medicine will be much more fulfilling for our readers and that they'll be able to spend the majority of their time truly helping their patients.