Filling in the holes in your tagline, part two

So, your tagline isn’t really serving the purpose it was meant to, or to put it nicely, it’s full of gaping holes. Well, we’re here to help. We’ve outlined some steps below to help you start closing the gap.Recognize its purpose. You need to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your tagline. For most B2B companies—particularly in the healthcare industry--taglines need to provide a brief description of your business so that the audience understands the category you’re in and the benefit you offer.  Know your company. Your tagline should represent the brand personality, resonate with the market and leave a lasting impression. A keen understanding of the messages you want to communicate to your audience is necessary before you can move forward.Know your competitors. Your tagline should differentiate your brand in a sea sameness. To ensure that it does, you need to understand what your competitors are communicating to the marketplace.Know your audience. Does your target audience understand industry jargon? So much so that you may need to ask them the appropriate term? Great! You should leverage that jargon throughout your messaging. Honestly, if your audience expects it and you don’t oblige, they may assume that you don’t really know what you’re talking about. But, if you’re using terms and language that your audience doesn’t understand, then you’re just digging more holes and assuming that your audience will fill them in.Boil it all down. After you’ve compiled all of the necessary research, you’ve got to boil it all down into a couple words. Your market has a limited ability to grasp and retain a positioning strategy that’s too complex and will gravitate toward brands that are positioned in a clear and concise way. You want to ensure your brand is the one they’re gravitating towards.Effective positioning not only requires solid market and competitive research but also the ability to transform complex messages into ones that are simple, effective and sustainable. You can rest assure your audience isn’t going to work to fill in the holes you leave in your messaging. If your tagline isn’t providing insight into what your company does, you’re losing out on a prime branding opportunity every time it’s seen.