Filling in the holes in your tagline, part one

Is your tagline full of holes?Let’s play a game to find out. We’ve listed five brand slogans below that each represent well-known companies. See how many companies you can identify by their associated slogan.“Don’t be evil.”“Think different.”“You’re potential. Our passion.”“Be a force for good.”“To give people the power to share and make the world more opened and connected.”Having a hard time naming all of the companies? How about narrowing it down by industry, can you identify the industries of the companies represented above?Wondering where in the world I found these slogans? In this article on CNN’s blog regarding the cheesiest tech slogans (check out the blog to see which companies the slogans belong to).Now, think about your company’s slogan or tagline. If we would have substituted it in the list above, would your target audience have been able to answer these questions about your brand?If you’re not confident that the answer is yes, then your tagline may be full of holes. The good news? Now you know. Acknowledging that there could be a problem – or holes in this case – is always the first step.Check back for part 2 on this topic where we’ll provide tips for filling in the holes in your tagline. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments on your thoughts regarding the slogans above.