Developing a cohesive blog strategy – why your company needs one and how to maximize it

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 19th, 2015

It’s now a necessity for organizations to have a corporate blog – but are you generating the greatest return on investment possible or coming up short? Once developed, companies cannot risk falling off the wagon and missing opportunities to engage with prospects and leads, allow employees to share their thoughts on industry issues and best practices, and strengthen relationships with clients and partners.

Developing a strong blog presence, in tandem with more traditional tactics like press releases, whitepapers and case studies, supports the ever-coveted successful integrated approach to marketing and PR and puts your company one step further to increased brand awareness and thought leadership. Here are five tips to think about when developing and maintaining your corporate blog.

Provide an educational forum. This is your chance to reach prospects and others in the market, so use it wisely by leveraging hot industry topics and known pain points of your audience. Make sure that your posts consist of timely information and deep insight on common topics and best practices. For example, if you are aiming to reach healthcare professionals who wish to learn about updates with ICD-10, develop posts around key legislative decisions and how they affect that particular audience.

Create structure through a content calendar. Confirm all writers are on board and informed. In the content calendar, determine the types of posts and number per week, month, etc., its topic and the author. For even greater consistency, it’s helpful to have pre-determined days for certain types of posts. For example, posting all video blogs every other Monday or having structured tip blogs each Friday.

Leverage industry thought leaders. Pulling in clients, prospects, editors and other key influencers in your industry for guest blog posts provides a mutually-beneficial opportunity for exposure and credibility. For each guest interview, the blog-hosting organization should develop a few, perhaps 4-6, relevant questions central to a specific topic for the interviewee. To ensure that the guest is reaping the benefit of being featured on your blog, link to their organization, and also be sure to ask your guest to share to their network if possible.

Maintain a consistent tone of voice. Whether just one writer, or multiple employees across your company, make sure the writing style and tone remains the same across all posts by educating employees of the blog’s standards and goals, including the word count, style type used (AP style, for example), etc. Also, be sure to have one designated and informed employee vet all blog posts to ensure that they follow corporate guidelines.

Include calls-to-action to support lead generation. Encourage traction to other pages and forms on your website by having a relevant call-to-action at the end of each blog post. For optimal results, include tracked links that allow you to see which pieces are being downloaded most frequently.

Attract your target audience to your blog. To ensure your intended viewers have access to your blog posts, include company keywords that support SEO initiatives. In addition, push each post through social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn and use relevant hashtags, when appropriate, to increase exposure to your targets.

Implementing these five tips for developing a successful corporate blog will provide your organization with the opportunity to increase thought leadership, brand awareness and demand generation.

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