David Murphy, Health Access Solutions: Companies must have a comprehensive communications footprint

By Brad Dodge on September 20th, 2011

In the latest installment of our 10th anniversary blog series, a Dodge Communications client is interviewed to discuss his experience with Dodge over the years. To view earlier installments please click here.

David Murphy, is vice president of product management and marketing at Health Access Solutions. Health Access Solutions has been a Dodge client for a year and a half. To listen to the interview, click on his picture or view the transcript below.

Dodge: How has Dodge Communications helped with your integrated communications needs over the past year and a half?
Murphy: It’s obviously important to have a comprehensive communications footprint to get your market message heard above the noisy, congested marketplace. I’d say the Dodge team has really helped us to establish a consistent, concise messaging strategy, and just as important, a discipline to be consistent with our messaging across both our internal and all of our market-facing opportunities. You know, one of the things I think Dodge has helped us do—I talked about crafting a message strategy, but it’s also about looping that effectively together across the full range of media outlets. Dodge has really helped us effectively do that through the website, traditional media—both print and online outlets, social media, the blogosphere, trade conferences, the speaker’s bureau presentation, marketing collateral material, all of that, so we end up with an appropriately tailored message for each forum. I think that’s one area where Dodge has really helped us.

Dodge: What are some of the major accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve through your partnership with Dodge, and how have these accomplishments impacted your overall business?
Murphy: I think the biggest has been the effectiveness Dodge has had in helping establish broad market visibility for us. As an early stage company in an emerging market, this is really important. They’ve developed extensive market exposure for us, and this is really no small task for a small, up-and-coming company like ours with a relatively limited marketing budget.  They seem to have far-reaching tentacles throughout the industry that they can pull at the right time, and that’s resulted in that well-timed interview that leads to the well-timed article that they ghost-wrote and pitched, which ends in a much appreciated inquiry from a prospective buyer. It’s all kind of one integrated stream.

Dodge: Where is integrated communications headed, and why do you think Dodge is positioned to succeed?
Murphy: My impression is, with what we’ve experienced so far with Dodge, is that they’re already well-positioned to succeed because what we’ve seen is really what I’d call their whole-market view coupled with a really effective team approach for developing and executing marketing communications plans. Plus, it’s really clear to us here that they are very client and market focused. I think from that perspective, they’re really well-positioned as a full service agency; that’s how we think of Dodge. As for integrated communications, where it’s heading, I just expect things to get faster and evermore precise in terms of reaching a targeted market of prospective buyers with a differentiated message. You create a market event or something just happens, and you have to be ready to push the button for a cascading stream of relevant and highly-targeted communications quickly across many media streams. I think that’s the direction we’re going here with Dodge’s help.

Dodge: That’s all the questions we have for you. Is there anything else you might like to add, or a memory of working with Dodge that you’d like to share?
Murphy: They’ve been a consistent presence for us here. As a company and a team, we’ve really grown to rely on them to have our best interests at hand, and they’ve really helped us out in the market. We, both me and my team, find them to be highly professional and well-organized and on task.