Cutting through social media clutter with paid posts

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on February 11th, 2016

Every day there are approximately 6,000 tweets posted per second, 293,000 Facebook status updates per minute and 770 LinkedIn posts an hour. While social media allows brands to directly connect with their target audience, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through that social clutter. A promoted post – one that you pay for – pushes your content through that clutter and in front of people. But, why should you pay for social content and what are the benefits?

Increase reach. Normally, when you share content on social platforms such as Facebook, the people who will see it are those who “like” your page or are friends with someone who shares your content. Even then, typically only 16% of your followers see your content. However, if you promote your post, you can expand the amount of people who see your content beyond your friend group.

For instance, one of our clients recently conducted a Facebook promotional campaign and reached about 40,000 people – with only $100. With this paid content, our client was expanded its visibility by more than tenfold.

Targeted audiences. Across the three major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), you have the option to select your target audience. This can range from choosing broad demographics, such as age or gender to more granular breakdowns such as interests or occupation. It’s like the modern version of a mailing list, enabling you to create tailored campaigns for individual target segments and share messages that will resonate most strongly among that group.

For example, if you are interested in promoting your LinkedIn post to chief financial officers who work in large hospital networks, you can specifically tailor your promoted posts to reach those types of executives without other target audiences, who will see this content as irrelevant. When done effectively, not only does segment targeting help you raise awareness, but it can also help you heat up the sales pipeline.

Increase lead generation. In a case study by Facebook, one company saw a 70% increase in overall web traffic thanks to Facebook promoted content. In other words, increasing your reach and targeting specific audience members can help increase your leads – for a low cost.

Your investment. With these promoted posts, you can invest anywhere from $5 to $10,000 or more, meaning the barrier to entry and testing things out is low. To combat the 330,000 LinkedIn status updates that are posted every week OR pay to get pushed to the top of the list—doesn’t seem like a difficult choice. All things come with a price – paying for your content to be seen is worth the dime.

Download our whitepaper to learn how to further leverage social media in a B2B setting. 

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