Company helps the disabled receive appropriate level of Social Security disability benefits

By Brad Dodge on May 20th, 2011

Jon Mayhew’s company provided the memorable t-shirts for all the attendees at the 2011 Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole. We had a chance to meet and discuss his unique slice in the healthcare industry dealing with Social Security and disability.

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Dodge: Can you describe your business to our readers?
Mayhew: I run a government eligibility company called Freedom Disability: Freedom helps people obtain a Social Security disability benefit; we do this both as a direct-to-consumer product and also on behalf of insurance companies. We have about 20 payer relationships nationally. When we plug into an insurance relationship, there’s a medical cost offset based on somebody picking up their Social Security benefit. Social Security disability benefits will create a pathway to Medicare so it becomes a claims and cost offset to the payer. We have been growing that product for about four years. We also recently developed Alpha Disability. Alpha is a program that allows us to take service-related veterans and connect them with their veterans’ disability benefit.  Both of our brands are largely directed-to-consumer programs. We do a lot of TV and Internet marketing to develop our client base. Increasingly what we’ve begun to explore with the Alpha product is a significant claims offset opportunity with payers as well.

Dodge: What are the most significant challenges that your business currently faces?
Mayhew: Our largest challenges are growth related. We’ve recently been separated from SSC so we’ve got lots of infrastructure and build-out development responsibility this year. We’re trying to grow our top line by 200 or 300 percent. So, we’re very much in an aggressive growth mode. And being able to get our infrastructure together and get our people hired, trained and structured efficiently while maintaining  aggressive growth objectives are very much our internal challenges. We do feel like the biggest challenges we face are internal versus some of the challenges and implications of healthcare reform. But every time we try to look at what the negative potential implications are of reform, we always seem to counter-balanced our concerns with the huge population, huge opportunity in the marketplace.