Communicating Your Message during a Presidential Election Year

For U.S. citizens, Presidential elections can be a very exciting time. For healthcare communications professionals, they can also be exciting…but for very different reasons.The healthcare industry is used to being in the spotlight. However, shifting media attention in 2012 will present unique challenges for successfully delivering messaging to the masses. What can we do to help ensure EHR, HIE and ACO initiatives remain front-of-mind during this Presidential election year?There’s no way to guarantee your message will be heard by the right people at the right time. But, if you follow these tips, you’ll help increase your chances.

  1. Pay attention to what the media is covering and how they are covering it. A journalist, who might have been solely focused on one beat last year, may be responsible for covering something all together different for the publication in 2012.
  2. Try to become part of the discussion. Timely thought leadership articles, white papers and op-eds are great tools to help spread your message. Be sure these communications don’t come across as self promotional – you want to position your company as one who understands the issues and is providing a product or service that helps address those issues.
  3. Utilize social media tools such as Twitter, YouTube and blogs. Traditional media outlets will be consumed with covering the hot issues and their editorial direction may change at any given notice. That’s where social media plays an important role. For example, use Twitter to help spread your message. Follow relevant people discussing healthcare issues, tweet daily, use hashtags for discussion topics (#ACOs, #HIE, #healthcarereform, etc)

What have you done in previous Presidential election years to help make sure your message is noticed? What actions do you plan to take this year? We’d love to hear them!