Business to Business Marketing in a Global Company

Richard Bancej, head of marketing for Speech Processing Solutions – the leading provider of Philips voice technologies – shares his insights on how to manage business to business marketing in a global company.

Dodge: How does B2B PR and marketing differ in a global company as compared to one based only in the U.S.?

Bancej: Every region has their own PR network and in Europe, for example, there is no way of doing added-value PR without having people sitting in every country that needs to be covered. Face-to-face contact is still very important. One of the major differences for us is that the U.S. are already way ahead in terms of online and social media tools. In Europe, we are only building up this channel and are still in the process of educating each network about how to make use of all the options these online tools offer.

Dodge: How do you make sure that your brand and message stay consistent across the different market segments but still resonate with the local audience?

Bancej: We use a basic set of design guidelines that are tested to be accepted in all our important target markets. We take those guidelines and then add the local flavor for each target audience to make sure to have the most compelling message.

Dodge: How do you effectively leverage content developed in one country for other divisions?

Bancej: All our concepts and campaigns are shared centrally on a regular basis to make sure all divisions are informed about all activities. Our country marketing managers take this information to their teams and decide if there are good opportunities to use and adapt those concepts to their local markets and target groups. Of course we also have central blue prints for effective campaigns but very rarely can these just be copy and pasted. Every market has its own rules.

Dodge: What lessons have you learned about managing a global brand and their marketing efforts?

Bancej: From my point of view the most important lesson I have learned during my time running a global business: There is no such thing as one size fit’s all. Already in countries of the “western” world our customers are very different in the way they receive our marketing messages. The UK are completely different in terms of how we need to address the end-user if compared to the U.S. and the same goes for all our important markets. We therefore tailor make our marketing messages to each market individually.

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