Brad Dodge discusses brand trust building

By Ashlea Cartee on July 13th, 2017

Business leaders in Atlanta and around the world were tuned in on July 10 to hear Dodge President Brad Dodge on Atlanta Business Radio discuss the importance of brands building trust and showing authenticity.

Hosted by internet radio and podcasting veteran Lee Kantor and business consultant Stone Payton, the Atlanta Business Radio show interviews business leaders from the Atlanta area and shares “positive business stories that traditional media ignores,” according to the show’s website.

Kantor and Payton interviewed Dodge on the first half of the show about the firm’s 16-year history and how the rapid growth of social media and mobile technology over the years has transformed how brands communicate. Dodge told listeners that despite this complexity and diversity of distribution channels, honest and transparent communication is fundamental.

“The importance of engendering trust with your audience now is more significant than it ever has been before,” Dodge said. “Building a strategic communications plan at the start of engagement, turning touchpoints into trust points, is key to success.”

Dodge went on to tell the hosts and listeners that a diverse, integrated communications strategy focused on authenticity and consistency builds the trust that sustains companies through any industry changes or uncertainty.

“You need to be honest, forthright, transparent and authentic right from the start,” Dodge said. “That’s the way we recommend our clients to move forward with anything that they’re doing.”

Dodge’s entire interview with Atlanta Business Radio can be streamed on the network’s website here.


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